Project Description

Concrete Slab Lift and Level Using Underpinning and Void Filling

Client Problem: This timber framed, brick clad dwelling was resting on a Type C2 foundation which was out of level by approximately 52mm. The lowest point was in the south corner.

House Lifters’ Solution: House Lifters’ recommendation was to lift and relevel the perimeter thickening by underpinning it and relevelling with the House Lifters system and filling the void under the concrete slab with lightweight flowable concrete.

“Being in the building industry, I knew what could go wrong if I didn’t choose the right company for the job. When Rod saw the house and looked at the plans, he was confident about what needed to be done, and enthusiastic about the challenge. But the other contractors who I got quotes from, either I could tell that because the lift was so complex, they didn’t want to do it (and their price reflected that)… Or their methodology of how they were going to do it, didn’t give me confidence. The lift went well and House Lifters were very efficient at providing information and documentation to the Engineer. The ‘close-out’ paperwork was sent quickly too.”

Matt Russell – Homeowner

  • Kennedy's Bush


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