Project Description

Lift, Re-location and Temporary Foundations

Client Problem: Tip Top were carrying out a major extension and required the space that a small building was currently settled on. To continue they needed to move the existing structure to a different location with a temporary foundation system.

House Lifters’ Solution: House Lifters were able to devise a cost-effective method to relocate the building and re-settle it onto our Ground Screw Foundation System. The entrances were reinstated and the building was fully operational within 4 days.

“House Lifters has provided Inovo Projects with service above and beyond the norm. Their health and safety is impeccable, quality of work is superb, and they’re always endeavouring to come up with ways to complete tasks in a more efficient, safer, and cost-savvy manner.”

Matt Cain, Building, Estimator/Project, Manager, Inovo

  • Mt Wellington, Auckland


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