Project Description

High Lift and New Basement

Client Problem: The house was protected under the heritage act for Auckland. This meant the house could not be demolished nor removed. The client wished to build a new dream home but had to retain the front elevation.

House Lifters’ Solution: House Lifters jacked the house up 4m high and a very large basement was constructed below. In addition to this the house was actually extended and added on to complete a new high end rebuild but using innovative techniques to salvage the existing front piece.

“We have worked with Rod on numerous projects around the Auckland region including foundation re-level projects, temporary propping projects for basement level developments, high-lift methods for foundation re-builds, high-lift methods for creating a new ground floor structure and putting the original building on top to create a two-storey structure, retaining wall structural design for landslip remediation, and many more.”

Nick Baker, Richards Consulting Engineers

  • St Marys, Auckland


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