Project Description

House Slide and Subdivide

Client Problem: This property is the classic example of the house being right smack bang in the middle of the section. With land both at the rear and at the front it provided an option if the house was positioned right on the site that the site could be subdivided.

House Lifters’ Solution: House Lifters rotated the house and moved it to the back of the site. This unlocked the front site for a new build.

“We have worked with Rod on numerous projects around the Auckland region including foundation re-level projects, temporary propping projects for basement level developments, high-lift methods for foundation re-builds, high-lift methods for creating a new ground floor structure and putting the original building on top to create a two-storey structure, retaining wall structural design for landslip remediation, and many more.”

Nick Baker, Richards Consulting Engineers

  • Kyle, Auckland


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