Relocatable Homes

We Sell and Deliver

We take care of everything: paperwork – land preparation – delivery. Get started by searching our listings for a home that suits your needs. We only sell houses with quality bones to ensure that your legacy is standing long after a fresh coat of paint.

Contact our team once you have chosen the home that suits you, then sit back and relax as we manage the design, engineering, consents, land preparation, logistics, and delivery.

We Buy and Remove

We buy the houses we sell outright. That’s how confident we are of their quality. This saves people costly demolitions and, well, compensates them instead!

If you have a house to sell, send us some photos. Following purchase, we will remove the house from your site leaving you with bare land and cash in your pocket. It’s that easy.

We Deliver New Builds

Prefabricated for all budgets, new build relocatable homes come in every shape and size. We partner with innovative fabricators of architecturally designed homes to ensure the best quality materials and the fastest delivery times. Contact our friendly team today.

How it works

Buying Process

Buy a house

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Select Your House

Use the filters to narrow your search. If you can’t find your dream home, let us know what you’re looking for – we may be in the middle of a deal behind the scenes.
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We have expert engineers, LBPs, and quantity surveyors on our team ready to project manage the process seamlessly. Oh, and we take care of the paperwork too!
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Land Preparation

Steep, hilly, sandy, cliff-face, rocky, waterlogged – we love the challenge of a complex site. All it takes is expertise and industry-leading equipment and systems.
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Traffic logistics, health and safety, and any access challenges are solved in advance so we can deliver your house with ease. At least, we’ll make it look that way!

Manuera On Site House Move

Case Study

Silverdale Cabin Relocation

Case Study
Selling Process

Sell your house

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Would you like bare land and cash in your pocket? Reach out to us and avoid a costly demolition. Once we have some details and photos, we’ll arrange a site visit.
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Site Visit

Our expert team of engineers, quantity surveyors, and LBPs love a challenge. With experience and industry-leading equipment on our side, no site’s too complex.
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Following a site visit, we will crunch the numbers before making an offer on your house. We’ll provide the offer to you directly and answer any questions you have.
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House Removal

This is the fun part! Our team arrives in advance and prepares your house. Once our removal truck arrives, the house will be loaded and driven off into the sunset.
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Step 1

Source a plot of land then search our website for a house. Our process starts with careful due diligence and costing.

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Step 2

We’ll take care of consents, site prep, delivery, and connections before handing over the keys to your new house.

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Step 3

We can transform your chosen relocatable to include any of the following options- exterior and interior paint, new joinery, roofing, tiling, carpet, landscaping or even a new kitchen or bathroom.


Relocatable listings for sale

Land & House

Turnkey Package

Our turnkey solution lets you sit back and relax while we take care of the consents process, land preparation, relocation, and on-site connections. Once you house is on site, all you need to do is move in.


Ponsonby - Auckland

On Site Shift

Problem: One of Ponsonby’s last, unrestored villas was in need of a full face lift and basement conversion.

Solution: House lifters Auckland shifted the house back, using our superior truck and trailer system.


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