Heritage Buildings

Repairing a Heritage or older building requires specialised skills; the integrity of the structure is often compromised by subsidence and the condition of the piles. House Lifters gains great satisfaction from helping to preserve buildings of architectural and historical value.

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Heritage Homes & Buildings.
Lifting, Levelling & Foundations

Residential – Heritage homes, Villas & Character homes.
Commercial – including Churches, Schools, Halls.

House Lifters is the only New Zealand company providing a complete Lifting, Levelling and Foundation service. We perform High and Low Lifts, Sliding, re-level, repair and build Foundations (Sliding is our preferred method for moving older, more vulnerable buildings). If the ground needs geotechnical remediation, we can stiffen and strengthen the upper soil layers.

Our in-house team includes Registered Engineers, Project Managers, Designers, and Licensed, Certified Builders.

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Historical Significance

House Lifters understands the importance of Heritage buildings, and legislation protecting them. E.g. The Resource Management Act 1991, The Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga Act 2014, the Christchurch District Plan, and Canterbury Earthquake (Historic Places Act) Order 2011.

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Christchurch Earthquake Repairs

Working closely with Heritage architects and engineers, House Lifters has saved many Heritage buildings, villas and character homes from demolition, and various churches.

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House Lifters provides engineered solutions for highly-technical projects other companies find daunting (their traditional methods are often not efficient or accurate enough – e.g. Bottle Jacks). Our modern Mechanical Jacking systems are recognised internationally for pin-point accuracy:

  • Computer-controlled, Synchronised Hydraulic Lifting equipment
  • Pump-operated Uniform Jacking equipment

Case Studies | Lifting / Sliding | Levelling

Case Study: Heritage Building

Sliding & Foundations – Christchurch, NZ

Another piece of history preserved: this two-storey, 70 tonne Heritage home in the Christchurch CBD was in danger of being demolished. In order to rebuild the foundations, House Lifters used our Sliding method to move the house.

The site was very tight – the only solution was to slide the house to the back section of the foundations, replace the front section, slide the house back, then complete the foundations. The foundation re-build was done safely, efficiently, accurately… The owner was delighted.

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