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Lift it

We lift residential houses with industry-leading equipment to create a safe environment for work to take place. You may need a basement storey, help to dodge coastal erosion, or a lift to a better view. We’re focussed on finding the best solution for your unique challenge.

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Shift it

Once lifted, our expert team can slide and reorient your house across the site using a carefully designed process to eliminate pressure points. Use your newfound space for driveway access, off-road parking, a pool or outdoor living area, remedial foundation work, or to enable sub-division.

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Level it

We pair expertise with our unique levelling system to consistently achieve accurate floor levels. With a wealth of experience in heritage buildings and architectural houses, our approach is tailored to your specific property to level the most complex and intricate homes.

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Prop it

WorkSafe and local councils recommend our team for house propping because of our relentless commitment to safety. Every site complies with H&S regulations while our equipment is of the highest quality. Once propped, excavation and building can take place safely.

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Re-Pile it

Your piles may be damaged, unlevel, old and rotten, damaged by borer or weather. Whatever your piling problem, we have a re-piling solution. Our expert team of LBPs and engineers can assess the state of your foundations and provide solutions that suit your unique scenario.

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For sale relocatable houses

Our dedicated team are with you every step of the way, from enquiry to delivery. All you need to do is choose your dream home from our available listings, then sit back and relax as we manage the design, engineering, consents, land preparation, logistics, and delivery.

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We buy relocatable houses

Avoid costly demolition and be compensated instead. The first step is to send us an email with details and photos of the house you’d like to sell. Second, we’ll conduct a site visit. Third, if we have a deal, we’ll purchase the house. Fourth, we’ll remove the house from your site. It’s that easy.

Heritage Buildings and Architectural Homes

As heritage and architectural house specialists, we have solutions for every house and site. Heavy and intricate or steep and rocky. Let us know what you’re working with and we’ll put our highly experienced heads together to propose a solution.

“Recently, House Lifters relocated my house. The team worked very efficiently and always provided good communication for progress. The project finished within the agreed timeframe and budget. Highly recommend their services!”

Angela Jia


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