Developing Property or Subdividing a Section?

If you need a house or building moved within the same site, or removed and relocated, contact House Lifters Auckland. We’ll help you unlock land for property development – e.g. to subdivide and build, or to relocate a house/houses onto the section.

Bespoke Removals & Relocations

Start to finish

House Lifters can project manage the lift and shift (on-site shift), or removal and relocation at every stage – as little or as much as needed.

We remove and relocate houses and buildings within Auckland, or from Auckland to elsewhere in the North Island – without outsourcing to contractors.

House Lifters has the in-house expertise, specialist equipment, trucks and trailers needed for even the most challenging sites; from planning, consents, design and engineering, to lift and shifts, removals and relocations.

We can also undertake other work required – e.g. ground improvements, building new foundations, piles, new concrete slabs, levelling, and renovations.

Deciding whether to Demolish?

It may cost you thousands!

To avoid houses being demolished (and unnecessary waste going to landfill), House Lifters recommends removing houses when possible.

Relocating a house spares owners the sometimes sad prospect of seeing their home being demolished and gives others in Auckland or elsewhere in the North Island, the opportunity of more affordable home ownership.

House Lifters can also recycle houses: deconstructing, salvaging and repurposing as much of the materials as possible.

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House Lifters buy Relocatable Houses

Why demolish, when you can MAKE money! If you have a relocatable house to sell, send House Lifters some interior and exterior photos (photo files can be attached in our Contact Form). If we purchase your house, House Lifters will remove it from your site, leaving you with bare land to sell or develop and cash in the bank. It’s that easy!
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House Lifters sell Relocatable Houses

House Lifters sell new and secondhand relocatable homes – a fast, cost-effective property development solution.


Glen Innes - Auckland

House Lift, Shift & Relocations

Problem: The 800m2 section in Glenn Innes – a sought-after Auckland suburb, was reasonably flat and prime for development, but the house was positioned in the centre.

Solution: House Lifters provided a cost effective, fast solution by shifting the existing house to the rear of the section – unlocking two potential building sites at the front of the property. We then shifted two secondhand relocatable houses onto the front of the site. All three properties were then sold.

2021 heavy lifting

New Zealand’s most advanced Heavy Lifting System

Fast, precise and safe: House Lifters specialist equipment includes a hydraulic Modular Synchronised Positioning System, custom-designed for us in Europe. The computer-controlled system enables House Lifters (and our Commercial Heavy Lifting Division, Meccanico) to perform complex, heavy lifts.

House Lifters Heavy Lifting System spreads loads evenly and provides synchronised pressure. The hydraulic system was designed, built and certified by Holmatro in the Netherlands. Holmatro’s internationally respected engineering team has also designed systems for lifts, vertical and horizontal positioning of large historic and heritage buildings, commercial and industrial buildings, hotels, multi-level buildings and apartments, stadiums, churches, even castles!

Industry-leading Expertise

House Lifters team of experts includes Registered Engineers, Quantity Surveyors and Platinum Certified Licenced Building Practitioners – led by House Lifters Directors, Rod Moore and Stuart Moore: New Zealand’s most experienced lifting specialists.

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Mount Albert - Auckland

House Lift, Shift & Relocation

Problem: The existing bungalow house in Mt Albert was on a 650m2 section. To suit development, the site required some minor cutting and retaining to improve the gradient of the land.

Solution: House Lifters did the ground improvements before lifting and shifting the house to the rear of the section. We then relocated another bungalow to the front of the site and built a two-bedroom extension onto this house. This fast-tracked the creation of two freehold titles and the property was fully developed, cost effectively. Both properties were then sold.

The team did a fantastic job at my place in Auckland … So good with communication

Tracey Taylor

Professional, cost effective and fast –
from quoting to actual work

M. Ayat


Building Removals & House Relocations

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How much does it cost to remove & relocate a house in Auckland?

House Lifters provides free written Quotes and if you supply enough information in your initial phone call or email, House Lifters may be able to provide an initial Cost Estimate straight away. The cost of removing and relocating a house/building mainly depends on its size and how long the project will take.

When Quoting or providing an initial Cost Estimate, House Lifters allows for factors such as size of the house, site access (egress), site preparation, if the house will be transported in one piece, and distance and difficulty of the route to the new site – including power and phone lines en route*.

Other factors:

  • *Roof Height – will we need to lower the roof/s for the move.
  • If lifting and shifting (an on-site shift) within the same site, the time needed to reposition the house.
  • If it is on a concrete pad / If it has brick cladding (we can still shift it if it does).

Contact House Lifters

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Can you just lift and reposition the house/building on the existing section?

Yes – this is what House Lifters describes as a ‘lift and shift’ or on-site shift. This is an ideal way to unlock land for property development / to subdivide / for renovations / extensions and additions.

House Lifters can lift and shift the house or building within the section, if the section is large enough/subdividable. E.g. if you want to:

  • Shift the existing house and build another one on the section
  • Add a new or secondhand relocatable house / add multiple relocatable homes
  • Renovate, extend or add onto the house
  • Make better use of the section – e.g. for garaging, parking, driveway access, a pool, outdoor living, landscaping, etc.

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Should I demolish, or remove & relocate the house?
Is it cheaper to demolish, or remove & relocate a house?

If you want to develop and/or subdivide a section, removing the house could be a better and lower-cost option than demolishing it. House Lifters also buy relocatable houses, and in some cases, recycle houses.

House Lifters may be able to remove and relocate the house, or possibly buy it off you: increasing your budget for developing the site, rather than demolition potentially costing you thousands! Demolition also has environmental and social impacts – e.g. on average, demolishing a house creates over 20 tonnes of waste, which ends up in landfill. Saving the house from demolition by removing it, also means Auckland’s housing stock is increased – giving others the chance to own property in the increasingly expensive Auckland property market.

House Lifters can also recycle houses; deconstructing, salvaging and recycling as much as possible, which means less waste in landfills. House Recycling & Case Studies

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What does House Lifters need, to provide a (free) written Quote?

House Lifters will visit the existing and proposed sites. We’ll also need all the relevant information, including:

  • House Dimensions:
    Length, width at base, overall width including eaves, overall height, internal stud height.
  • Existing Site (& New Site – if applicable):
    E.g. Access / Flat, sloping, steep site? / Ground at new site has good bearing capacity?
  • Age of House
  • Type of Roofing & Wall Cladding
  • Is there Existing Concrete Work – e.g. concrete floors, porch


Contact House Lifters

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Removing & Relocating a house – what’s the Process?

Removing and relocating a house always starts with an initial scope of the current site and its surroundings. House Lifters completes a brief overlay of the landscape by also using other tools such as Auckland Council GeoMaps (GIS viewer), and Google Earth.

If the initial scope confirms the house is suitable for removal, House Lifters provides a Cost Estimation. If you accept this, we meet you onsite to measure and quantify further works needed; to ensure each party understands what they must prepare and complete, prior to the uplifting (lift and removal) of the house/building.

House Lifters must then apply for a permit to shift the house/building – providing the details needed, to Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency. If the permit is approved, we prepare the house for the lift (and if necessary, prepare the section for removal).

We then lift the house/building onto the truck and trailer and relocate to the new site. The majority of work transporting the house by road happens at night after hours, to minimise the risk of traffic delays or other issues while shifting such a large load.

See FAQ in this page re: Consents

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How long will it take to remove the house/building?

Removing a house/building, takes about two to three days, if we are able to move it in one piece. I.e. to prepare it for the lift (and if necessary, prepare the section for removal), lift the house/building onto the truck and trailer, then relocate it to the new site.

Note: There are restricted hours for transporting houses/buildings between sites – in some cases it has taken two nights to complete the relocation.

See FAQ in this page re: Consents

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Can you lift any house/building?

House Lifters has New Zealand’s most advanced heavy lifting system. The computer-controlled, Modular Synchronised Positioning System spreads loads evenly and provides synchronised pressure – enabling us to perform complex, heavy lifts on even the most challenging sites, and for architectural, historic and heritage buildings.

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Will you need to cut the house/building into sections?

Ideally House Lifters shifts houses/buildings in one piece, but large ones may need to be cut into separate sections. In some cases due to height restrictions on the relocation route, we may need to separate the roof.

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Is a Building Consent or Resource Consent needed?
How much do Consents cost? How long will it take?

Most removal projects requiring a house to be relocated onto a new site, require a Building Consent. House Lifters will work with you to undertake a thorough scope of works, which effectively transpires into a set of plans/drawings. These form part of the process to obtain Building Consent from council.

There are many parts to complete for a full submission of application, which could include re: engineering, architectural, topographical and geotechnical services.

House Lifters can also help if you have started with some of the consents process.

For buyers of relocatable homes, to relocate a house onto its new site, the Building Consent process can take from 4 months to get the relocation proposal approved, depending on the scale of works required.

Some relocation projects may also require a Resource Consent, which will extend the process by an additional 2-3 months.

We also suggest you visit the websites below, to help you find information about:

  • If a Building Consent / Resource Consent is needed
  • When you would need to get a Consent
  • What you need to prepare, before applying for a Consent
  • How to Apply for a Consent
  • How much Consents cost

Auckland City Council
Resource Consents: Ministry for the Environment

Stoked by both the result & the friendly professionalism of the team

Garry Lawrence

Rod and the team – thanks for the quick turnaround and great job

Andrew Mackenzie


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