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House Lifters is the only New Zealand company providing a complete residential lifting, sliding and levelling service. We lift residential houses with industry-leading equipment to create a safe environment for work to take place. Whether you need a new basement, want to avoid coastal erosion or just get to higher ground for a better view, we’ll help you find the perfect solution.

House Lifters are experts at house lifting in NZ

Engineered solutions

Each lift and slide is designed and calculated by one of House Lifters’ engineers. There’s no limit to the size or weight House Lifters can lift or slide, and no site is too technical. Our unique, Modular Synchronised Positioning System was custom-designed by engineers for even the most complex projects, including sites where access would normally be very difficult.

For foundation work, we lift and level the house (or perform a low lift and slide), demolish the foundations, dig out and improve the ground, build the new foundations, lower the house and fix it onto the foundations.

High quality high & low lifts

In the case of a low lift, the house is lifted 1.5 metres high, whereas during a high lift, we move it to 3 metres. A high lift provides much easier, safer access and room for our team, trucks and diggers to demolish and excavate underneath. We use beams for obstruction-free access, and our ingenious Ground Screw Anchoring System for bracing. A high lift also provides the option of adding a storey underneath – e.g. a basement conversion.

High quality high & low lifts

A range of lifting services

We are mechanical jacking specialists, with a North Island head office in Auckland and South Island head office in Christchurch. Besides lifting, we also help with other services like levelling or re-levelling, foundation replacements (both full and partial), concrete foundations and repairs, repiling, basement conversions, subsidence works and house relocations, around the country. Get in touch today.


Lift, Prop and Underfloor Development

Problem: Although the client had a home close to the beach, they had no view and a lack of space for guests. Additionally, the house was built too close to the boundary so they were unable to gain consent to build upwards.

Solution: In this instance House Lifters came up with two solutions for the client. Firstly house Lifters disconnected the house from the existing piles to Slide the house 1.4 metres away from the boundary, in order to gain consent to build another storey. Secondly a High Lift, using House Lifters’ precision, hydraulic equipment was done so that an extra storey could be easily built underneath the original home. The final outcome meant that the home owner gained an ocean view and much more living space.

“House Lifters has provided Inovo Projects with service above and beyond the norm. Their health and safety is impeccable, quality of work is superb, and they’re always endeavouring to come up with ways to complete tasks in a more efficient, safer, and cost-savvy manner.”

Matt Cain, Building, Estimator/Project, Manager, Inovo


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