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Comprehensive house propping services for NZ

House Lifters are New Zealand leaders in house propping: providing end-to-end house propping services throughout New Zealand, including Auckland City and Greater Auckland.

House Lifters does house propping NZ wide

House propping in Auckland

House Lifters is currently completing many house propping projects in the Auckland area. Each propping job is planned very carefully; thoroughly overseen and managed by House Lifters’ experienced engineers and senior management team. No site is too difficult and we can safely prop houses on sloping, hill, coastal, narrow and confined sites, using a range of specialised, modern house propping techniques, props and lifting equipment.

Low & high house lifts

House Lifters’ unique Modular Synchronised Positioning System enables us to undertake low house lifts (1.5 metres) and high house lifts (3 metres). A high lift provides much easier, safer access, and the option of adding a storey underneath – e.g. for a basement conversion. Our computer-controlled, mechanical jacking system was custom-designed by engineers for even the most complex projects. The hydraulic lifting system creates uniform lifting and levelling pressure in all jacks by spreading loads evenly.

House propping scenes in NZ

House propping safety checks

House Lifters will protect your investment and ensure your house is safely propped. We are unusual in the industry for also having in-house Registered Engineers, whose in-depth understanding of construction enables House Lifters to accurately assess which propping methods are best for each house. For your peace of mind and the safety of our teams, our managers and engineers have a very strict sign-off system for house propping, including the propping design, and further safety checks before anyone works underneath the propped house.

A range of lifting services

We are mechanical jacking specialists, with a North Island head office in Auckland and South Island head office in Christchurch. Besides propping, we also help with other services like house lifting, levelling or re-levelling, foundation replacements (both full and partial), concrete foundations and repairs, repiling, basement conversions, subsidence works and house relocations, around the country. Get in touch today.


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